Monday, May 3, 2010


If dreams could dream they would dream of silver wings,
they would dip into a rainbow and hop on saturn rings.

If dreams could touch they would reach up for the stars,
they would grab a million sun rays and break into a dance.

If dreams could sing they would snatch a melody,
from a thunder and a raindrop, and weave a symphony.

If dreams could hear, they would stop my a silent moon,
they would scoop up unheard stories, served on a silver spoon.

But dreams are probably blind,they smell all things bright,
high high high they fly, at the end there is light.
but they fail to see the cloud lurking in the sky,
they hit the the dark and mighty and they shatter and they die....


Sreya Maitra said...

...and yet dream, like a phoenix rises,perching itself on the wings of a new hope,and soars high with innocent passion, the heart romanticizing its fulfillment and the mind, wiser with the memories of the past :)

ananya chatterjee said...

long tym eh.
nice one.... imaginative.......
glad to have u back